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The “Little” News about Plastic Injection Molded Medical Devices

So what exactly is “micro injection molding”? Well, as the term would lead you to believe,  micro injection molding (MIM)  is a process which requires a highly-specialized molding machine with high-injection pressure and speed,  precise shot control and ultra-fine resolution for molding tiny tools and parts.  MIM  is used for the manufacture of small products…

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New process for molding airbag covers not just a lot of hot air

Airbag covers have long been a growing market for plastic injection molders who want to make inroads (pun intended!) into the plastic automotive parts  business.  However, heretofore, manufacturing these covers resulted in a lot of waste  and striations — long blemishes that thankfully were mostly obscured because of the covers’ textured finish.  Still, the striations…

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