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Neurological Syringe

Nasal Syringe Case Study

When our client needed a nasal syringe, they relied on the skilled team and technological capabilities at AdvanTech Plastics to deliver a medical device that would meet their specifications. This nasal applicator provides a means to administer fluid to the innermost regions of the nasal pathway. The design called for a 0.6cc Luer Lock fluid delivery system for medical field use in adult patients with nasal mucosa intact.


During the prototyping process, we faced several challenges. The primary issue was atomizing the administered fluid through the syringe. Creating a fast and innovative solution was critical, as the client required a finished product 6-8 weeks after approval. Based on the client design, an atomizing bulb molded onto the polypropylene (PP) tube atomizes the liquid through a 0.010-inch diameter hole positioned at a 45-degree angle. The size of the hole required a specially patented injection molding process.

Even with our extensive medical injection molding (MIM) experience, perfecting this delicate tool’s molding process proved challenging.



While many such MIM projects rely on overmolding – a process that overlays a second layer of rubber or plastic on top of an injection-molded component – this project required a more complex insert-molding process to mold the bulb onto the tube properly. Insert molding forms both layers of the component simultaneously using a two-shot injection molding technique. Our engineers and toolmakers collaborated closely with the syringe’s inventor and used a patented and proprietary insert-molding method to develop this product.

Overcoming the challenges associated with this project required us to apply all of our in-house insert molding and injection molding expertise. We insert-molded the atomizing bulb over the PP tube and injection-molded the remaining components of the nasal syringe. Our proprietary insert molding process created the 0.010-inch hole and atomizing bulb while adhering to tight tolerance demands.

Final Result


The AdvanTech team successfully met the client’s requirements with an easy-to-use design and fluid atomizing capabilities in only 10-12 weeks. We achieved a tolerance of +/-0.002 inches. The product also passed air leak testing, dimensional inspection, and visual inspection tests. We reached an output volume of nearly 5.000 assembled products per month, with each assembly consisting of 9 pieces.

The resulting nasal syringe is safe and currently used in the medical industry across the United States and Europe. The syringe is the only device of its kind globally and meets ISO 13485-2016 standards.

Rely on AdvanTech Plastics

Successfully manufacturing this unique nasal syringe presented a challenge, but our team was up to the task. AdvanTech Plastics offers a variety of injection molding services from our Woodstock, Illinois facility. Contact us today to speak with our specialists about your plastic molding needs.