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Year: 2018

Process Standardization: History is Prologue

A good working definition of process standardization in plastic injection molding:  Creating a repeatable process with 100% efficiency that results in standardized products with little or zero scrap. Any real process requires consistent variables.  These include — but are not limited t0 fill time, peak pressure, barrel temperature and fill temperature.  Paying attention to such…

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Gearing Up For Plastic Molding

Steel yourself: plastic is becoming increasingly more popular as a material for machine gears. In fact, in some gearing applications, plastic is even superior to metal!   Advances in polymers have made this all possible.  Industrial designers have a better grasp of their benefits and limitations. Today, plastic gears can be manufactured by hobbing or stamping…

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20 Minutes To More Efficient Plastic Injection Molding

Too good to be true, you say? Believe it:  the latest production monitoring systems are increasingly internet-based (usually wi-fi)  and can be installed by even the most non-techie executive.  The goal?  Saving money, of course, by utilizing real-time data from the plastic injection molding process, then turning around and making that process more efficient.  And…

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