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All-Electric Molding

Announcing AdvanTech’s E-Mac 465/175 All-Electric Molding Machine

AdvanTech Plastics has taken a huge step toward a green new future with the purchase and installation of the E-Mac 465/175  all-electric plastic injection molding machine. Made in Europe, the E-Mac 465/175   is a 175-ton manufacturing marvel, which puts it precisely in the middle of Engel’s E-Mac series in terms of size.  Engels machines are…

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Simple Hacks For Better Plastic Injection Mold Design

The global market for plastic injection molded parts is estimated conservatively at $325 billion, and this number is expected to grow by 5.7% through at least 2025. Super-charged by dozens of exploding Asian economies, while leveraging process efficiencies as well as new resin varieties,  the utilization of plastic components in increasingly more sophisticated applications present…

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The $4.86B Plastic Injection Molding Machine Market by 2021

Let’s “inject” some reality over the economic downturn in China: the world’s second largest economy is still hungry for automobiles and plastic-packaged goods, period. Ditto for India and Japan, all of which is driving the growth of the injection molding machine market in Asia.  In fact, if current trends continue, the overall plastic injection molding…

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All-electric injection molding is powering growth

It’s no wonder all-electric plastic injection molding equipment is growing in popularity.  Why? Unlike traditional hydraulic injection molding machines, which use energy even when not producing anything, all-electric injection molding machines consume energy only when required for a specified product, and motor output is matched to load requirements. Instead of being driven by liquid, all-electric…

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