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Year: 2013

Auto Industry Drives Plastic Injection Molding Machinery Sales

The U.S. market for plastic injection molding presses slowed down just a bit in 2013 but is far from hitting the brakes.  In fact, industry executives  see solid growth ahead in 2014 from the plastics-hungry auto industry, and from a steadily rebounding North American manufacturing sector. Approximately 3,500 plastic injection molding machines could be sold…

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Husky Presses: Plastic Injection Molding Masters!

Advantech is proud to offer our clients the superb plastic injection molding capabilities of the Hylectric 330 machine from Husky Injection Molding Systems. The 330-ton Hylectric machine – an expanded version of earlier models that can accommodate stack molds  – features a grease-free design that is ideal for many specialized, high-cavity molds for medical parts, closures…

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K 2013 is history… and history making for plastic injection molding

The elite of the world’s plastic and rubber industry descended on Dusseldorf   October 16-23, as the K 2013  International Trade Fair drew more than 230,000 attendees to this European business and fashion capital.  The continuing recovery of the plastic injection and rubber-injection molding industries  foretold a successful trade show, and those expectations were indeed…

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The Robots Are Coming!

From phone voice mail systems to vacuum cleaners,  robots are now an essential part of our lives.  It’s the same with plastic injection molding;  increasingly, plastic injection molding companies are “employing” robots  to remove finished parts and feed secondaries for quality inspection.  Robots can also collect parts, fill boxes, load inserts or actually   produce…

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School Daze: The Importance of Keeping Up With Plastic Injection Molding Trends

As much as we think we have learned about plastic injection molding over the course of our company history, there is always more to discover. That’s why we’re pleased to partner with companies like Nissei Plastic Industrial Company, which established a continuing education program for their plastic injection molding partners (vendors and customers)  in 1968….

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Small parts, high tech!

Advantech Plastics is always researching the latest advances in plastic injection molding.  That’s why we are interested in the M3 High Volume Micro Molding Machine will make its first public appearance later this month at the K 2013 exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany. This is the first complete molding system offered by MHS-Mold Hotrunner Solutions, Georgetown, Ont.,…

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New process for molding airbag covers not just a lot of hot air

Airbag covers have long been a growing market for plastic injection molders who want to make inroads (pun intended!) into the plastic automotive parts  business.  However, heretofore, manufacturing these covers resulted in a lot of waste  and striations — long blemishes that thankfully were mostly obscured because of the covers’ textured finish.  Still, the striations…

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All-electric injection molding is powering growth

It’s no wonder all-electric plastic injection molding equipment is growing in popularity.  Why? Unlike traditional hydraulic injection molding machines, which use energy even when not producing anything, all-electric injection molding machines consume energy only when required for a specified product, and motor output is matched to load requirements. Instead of being driven by liquid, all-electric…

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New iPhone5 is ‘unapologetically plastic’, says Apple

The big news out of Apple this week is that the iconic company is introducing a newer, less expensive  iPhone in tandem with its revised version of  iPhone 5. Why is the new  iPhone 5c ($99) more economical than the new iPhone 5s ($199)?  The big reason is the material used to create the body…

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