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Plastic Injection Molding: An Abridged History

PLASTIC INJECTION MOLDING INVENTED IN 19TH CENTURY? YEP! 1868, to be precise.  American inventor John W. Hyatt patented a process that produced a product he called “celluloid” (not what later would eventually become movie film) which he used as a replacement for ivory in billiard balls and piano keys, among other things. Although an Englishman…

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Post-Consumer Recycled Content Injecting Itself into Injection Molding

During the last decade or so, consumer packaged goods companies have done a good job on improving the recycle-ability of paper packaging. The same really can’t be said for using recycled content in plastic packaging.  However, this “post-consumer recycled (PCR) content,” as it is technically knows, is making serious inroads in our industry, especially in…

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It May Be Summer, But ‘Frost’ Is In The Forecast For Some Injection Molders

Marketers are always looking for the next cool look in personal care product packaging.  This fall, that look could take on a decidedly “frosty” appearance, thanks to a ground-breaking new iteration of DuPont Surlyn ionomer resins.   Produced by DuPont Performance Materials, these resins were designed for a one-step plastic injection molding process which produces…

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Organic Personal Care Market Is Looking Pretty Good!

Organic food was a 23-billion-dollar-plus business in 2012.  That probably doesn’t shock you.  But did you know the global demand for organic personal care products was over 7.6 billion in 2012 and  is expected to reach 13.2 billion by 2018?! According to market research, the global organic personal care products market has experienced steady growth in…

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