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Year: 2023

“Shore Makes Sense”: Re-Shoring the Plastic Injection Molding Industry

“Off-Shoring”… Once upon a time, that was a magical incantation for American manufacturers.  Beginning in the ’70s, thenaccelerating into a crescendo in the ’90s, off-shoring became a mantra for manufacturers, big and small.  The lure of  lowering costs and maximizing profits by moving manufacturing to countries with lower labor costs and materiasourcinglike China, Indonesia and…

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Here Come The All-Electric Plastic Injection Molding Machines!

In alignment with the AdvanTech Plastics Sustainability Mission Statement, “we are committed to manufacturing products through economically-sound processes that minimize negative environment impacts”.  To help achieve that mission, AdvanTech has proudly moved towards “greener” plastic injection molding machines with the latest commissioning of a Sumitomo 112 ton and a larger Sumitomo 320 ton. Even though…

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Plastic Medical Devices: Thermoplastics vs. Thermoset

Spoiler alert: when comparing polymer plastics suitable for plastic medical devices, thermoplastics are the Mayo Clinic, if you will, while thermosets are a very competent regional health center. In other words, thermosets aren’t nearly as ubiquitous as thermoplastics but they do have a place in the universe of plastic medical devices. For example, thermosetting plastics like silicone,…

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Announcing AdvanTech’s E-Mac 465/175 All-Electric Molding Machine

AdvanTech Plastics has taken a huge step toward a green new future with the purchase and installation of the E-Mac 465/175  all-electric plastic injection molding machine. Made in Europe, the E-Mac 465/175   is a 175-ton manufacturing marvel, which puts it precisely in the middle of Engel’s E-Mac series in terms of size.  Engels machines are…

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