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Year: 2019

What The Doctor Ordered: Best Plastics For Medical Devices

Choosing the correct medical-grade plastic for a medical device or component can be literally a “life or death” decision. Even if not that dire, selecting, then plastic-injection-molding a device that is often surgically-implanted in a human body, is qualitatively different than manufacturing a plastic toy or soda bottle cap! Why are plastic polymers regarded so…

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Medical Devices Have Zero Tolerance For Plastic Injection Molded Error

High tolerance may be desirable when someone cuts you off in traffic (and you don’t want to fly into road rage) but it’s something that, well, plastic injection molders just can’t tolerate. Especially plastic molders of medical devices, such as hip replacement sockets or heart valves. The answer for many plastic injection molding companies is…

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Moldable: Using the R & D Tax Credit To Your Advantage

It pays to innovate. More specifically, innovation can save you millions on your taxes, if your plastic injection molding company leverages the Research and Development Tax Credit. Each year, the RDTC saves U.S. businesses $10 billion every year and has helped thousands of plastic injection molding companies become more competitive in the global marketplace at…

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Simple Hacks For Better Plastic Injection Mold Design

The global market for plastic injection molded parts is estimated conservatively at $325 billion, and this number is expected to grow by 5.7% through at least 2025. Super-charged by dozens of exploding Asian economies, while leveraging process efficiencies as well as new resin varieties,  the utilization of plastic components in increasingly more sophisticated applications present…

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Capital Property Inspection

Our Capstone Guarantees Our Capstone Guarantees represent our highest business ideals at Capital Property Inspection.  They are part of our mission to provide thorough, high quality and honest, home inspection services to our clients that exceed expectations.           Capstone Guarantee #1:  90-Day “Money Back If We Missed Something” Guarantee We are…

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