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Brian Jimenez

AdvanTech Plastics “Re-Shores” New Customer Using Shorter Lead Time

AdvanTech Plastics is “leading” the way in the re-shoring phenomenon that is prompting many companies to bring back manufacturing from overseas. Or should we say “leading” in the drastic reduction of lead-times our customers experience in the production of their components. Recently, AdvanTech began production of a plastic housing unit for a battery charger that…

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Plastic Medical Devices: A Healthy Combination

Plastics are so ideal for medical devices, it’s “sick”! Why? Just look at the history: plastics have played a crucial role in the development of medical devices, and their use has revolutionized the field of medicine. From disposable syringes to implantable devices, plastics have made medical treatments safer, more efficient, and cost-effective. And that’s quite…

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“Shore Makes Sense”: Re-Shoring the Plastic Injection Molding Industry

“Off-Shoring”… Once upon a time, that was a magical incantation for American manufacturers.  Beginning in the ’70s, then accelerating into a crescendo in the ’90s, off-shoring became a mantra for manufacturers, big and small.  The lure of  lowering costs and maximizing profits by moving manufacturing to countries with lower labor costs and material sourcing, like…

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Here Come The All-Electric Plastic Injection Molding Machines!

In alignment with the AdvanTech Plastics Sustainability Mission Statement, “we are committed to manufacturing products through economically-sound processes that minimize negative environment impacts”.  To help achieve that mission, AdvanTech has proudly moved towards “greener” plastic injection molding machines with the latest commissioning of a Sumitomo 112 ton and a larger Sumitomo 320 ton. Even though…

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Plastic Medical Devices: Thermoplastics vs. Thermoset

Spoiler alert: when comparing polymer plastics suitable for plastic medical devices, thermoplastics are the Mayo Clinic, if you will, while thermosets are a very competent regional health center. In other words, thermosets aren’t nearly as ubiquitous as thermoplastics but they do have a place in the universe of plastic medical devices. For example, thermosetting plastics like silicone,…

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Announcing AdvanTech’s E-Mac 465/175 All-Electric Molding Machine

AdvanTech Plastics has taken a huge step toward a green new future with the purchase and installation of the E-Mac 465/175  all-electric plastic injection molding machine. Made in Europe, the E-Mac 465/175   is a 175-ton manufacturing marvel, which puts it precisely in the middle of Engel’s E-Mac series in terms of size.  Engels machines are…

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