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School Daze: The Importance of Keeping Up With Plastic Injection Molding Trends

October 17, 2013

As much as we think we have learned about plastic injection molding over the course of our company history, there is always more to discover. That’s why we’re pleased to partner with companies like Nissei Plastic Industrial Company, which established a continuing education program for their plastic injection molding partners (vendors and customers)  in 1968.

Since then, more than 35,800 students from around the world — molded product makers, material makers, trading firms, Japanese students, foreign students studying in Japan, and overseas trainees, among others —  have journeyed to Japan to learn about  leading-edge plastic injection molding trends.  However, the Nissei Institute is unique,  in that special emphasis is also given to classical plastic injection molding, so that these students may learn from the past, and even as they grow in appreciation of  today’s latest technology.

Advantech Plastics utilizes two Nissei 400 ton, 44-oz. shot size  plastic injection molding machines.  While we appreciate their technical capabilities, we are even more impressed with the company that built them,  and its dedication to staying at the forefront of  industry technology.





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