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Plastic Injection Molding Medical Parts

New Prescription For Plastic Medical Devices: Sustainability

That’s right: sustainability.  There’s another buzz word that’s becoming increasingly associated with plastics: recycling.  Those are definitely two concepts the average consumer — or plastic injection molded medical device manufacturer — wouldn’t normally associate with plastics. Not all manufacturers are thinking about saving the planet; some are undoubtedly jumping on the bandwagon to curry favor…

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Truths of Plastic Injection Molding Re-shoring & Automation

It’s hard to drill down to the facts these days — on any topic.  The surfeit of information precipitated by digital media (read: the internet) has confused and distracted almost everyone from the truth about everything. Manufacturing is no exception.  Just mentioning the words off-shoring, re-shoring and  automation is to beg an instant argument.  But…

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In Medical Device Manufacturing, Small is Increasingly Beautiful

There’s big profit in small plastic medical parts, which is prompting leading medical molders to make big changes of their own.  How small are these parts?  Try tenths-of-a-millimeter small.  This is a quantum leap forward — or downward, if you will — for these plastic injection molders. And the medical devices that they are manufacturing…

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New Dimension in Plastic Medical Parts Production

A new dimension is coming to medical device manufacturing — a third dimension, if you will.  It’s the marriage of 3D printing and plastic injection-molded medical devices, and it’s revolutionizing the entire med-tech industry. The reason is simple: production time. Now engineers can design a medical part in an application like SolidWorks one day, 3D print…

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Entrepreneur invents new plastic suppository applicator… in her kitchen!

Almost everybody has dreamed of  inventing something sexy like a fusion-powered engine — or even something funky like the next hula hoop.  But it’s safe to say not many have dreamed of inventing something so, well, personal, as a disposable suppository applicator.  Yet that’s exactly what Jennifer Davagian Ensign did a few years ago.  In her…

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