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Plastic Injection Molding Methods

Toshiba Machine Hoping To Mold Next Generation For Our Industry

Attention all Illinois high school and college students: Toshiba Machine America, the North American arm of one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electric and hydraulic injection molding machines, and an AdvanTech Plastics supplier, wants to excite you about the plastic injection molding industry right here in Illinois. As part of a national effort, the…

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The Next Dimension in Plastic Injection Molds: 3-D printing

By now you’ve undoubtedly heard about 3-D printers, the apparently magical devices which seem to be able to produce everything from screws to human body parts. But what effect will 3-D printers have on plastic injection molding companies in Illinois? Is it true they can even “print” plastic injection molds that are the equal of…

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New process for molding airbag covers not just a lot of hot air

Airbag covers have long been a growing market for plastic injection molders who want to make inroads (pun intended!) into the plastic automotive parts  business.  However, heretofore, manufacturing these covers resulted in a lot of waste  and striations — long blemishes that thankfully were mostly obscured because of the covers’ textured finish.  Still, the striations…

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All-electric injection molding is powering growth

It’s no wonder all-electric plastic injection molding equipment is growing in popularity.  Why? Unlike traditional hydraulic injection molding machines, which use energy even when not producing anything, all-electric injection molding machines consume energy only when required for a specified product, and motor output is matched to load requirements. Instead of being driven by liquid, all-electric…

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