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Toshiba All-Electric Injection Molding Machines

Advantech Plastics is proud to offer the high performance line of electric plastic injection molding machines manufactured by Toshiba Inc.  The company’s watch words  — “precise and steady molding”    and  “high productivity”  are reflected in these highly efficient machines which boast leading-edge mold clamping technology. New mold clamping unit (Solid Clamp) This device transforms uniform…

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Caps and Closures in Europe

On the continent that made the cork closure  famous (think wine bottle),  plastic beverage  caps and closures  account for 40% of the European closure industry revenue,  but nearly 60% of the market by number of units.  While carbonated soft drinks (CSDs) are no longer a growing category, the sheer size of this market will result…

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Husky: One of our partners

Founded in 1953, Husky started as a small machine shop in a Toronto garage. The company quickly specialized in mold-making and grew into a leader in producing innovative, high speed injection molding systems for thinwall containers. Today Husky Injection Molding Systems is one of the world’s leading suppliers of injection molding equipment and services to…

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