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Toshiba Machine Hoping To Mold Next Generation For Our Industry

Attention all Illinois high school and college students: Toshiba Machine America, the North American arm of one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electric and hydraulic injection molding machines, and an AdvanTech Plastics supplier, wants to excite you about the plastic injection molding industry right here in Illinois. As part of a national effort, the…

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The Robots Are Coming!

From phone voice mail systems to vacuum cleaners,  robots are now an essential part of our lives.  It’s the same with plastic injection molding;  increasingly, plastic injection molding companies are “employing” robots  to remove finished parts and feed secondaries for quality inspection.  Robots can also collect parts, fill boxes, load inserts or actually   produce…

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Small parts, high tech!

Advantech Plastics is always researching the latest advances in plastic injection molding.  That’s why we are interested in the M3 High Volume Micro Molding Machine will make its first public appearance later this month at the K 2013 exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany. This is the first complete molding system offered by MHS-Mold Hotrunner Solutions, Georgetown, Ont.,…

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All-electric injection molding is powering growth

It’s no wonder all-electric plastic injection molding equipment is growing in popularity.  Why? Unlike traditional hydraulic injection molding machines, which use energy even when not producing anything, all-electric injection molding machines consume energy only when required for a specified product, and motor output is matched to load requirements. Instead of being driven by liquid, all-electric…

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New iPhone5 is ‘unapologetically plastic’, says Apple

The big news out of Apple this week is that the iconic company is introducing a newer, less expensive  iPhone in tandem with its revised version of  iPhone 5. Why is the new  iPhone 5c ($99) more economical than the new iPhone 5s ($199)?  The big reason is the material used to create the body…

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