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3D Printers No Threat To High-Volume Plastic Injection Molding

The hype over 3D printers has been as relentless as it has been ubiquitous: you can’t turn on a TV, radio or computer without hearing yet another breathless story on the new manufacturing technology. But is it unwarranted?  Will 3D printing be the next Internet, the uber-technology that will take over the world, flattening entire…

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The Next Dimension in Plastic Injection Molds: 3-D printing

By now you’ve undoubtedly heard about 3-D printers, the apparently magical devices which seem to be able to produce everything from screws to human body parts. But what effect will 3-D printers have on plastic injection molding companies in Illinois? Is it true they can even “print” plastic injection molds that are the equal of…

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