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Year: 2016

Plastics Technology Tips Its ‘Cap’ To Our New Beverage ‘Cap-ability’!

In its May 2016 issue, Plastics Technology turns the spotlight on our CEO, Al Zoller, and our new liner-less one-piece injection molded cap for carbonated soft drinks, bottled water and other beverages! The article quotes Al at length as it highlights the coming explosive growth of this revolutionary new beverage bottle cap, which was  invented…

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You Don’t Have To Put A Label On It!

Manufacturing is all about reducing complexity.  After all, if you can remove a step from the process, wouldn’t that save time and (of course) money?  The big question is, (also, of course)”how”? Enter “in-mold labeling,” which is the process of applying labels to plastic-injection molded products like containers or bottles during the manufacturing process.  In-mold labeling,…

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The Robots Are Coming! (Wait a second… they’re here!)

They are the perfect employee: fast, productive and salary-free.  And they never need to take a break (unless they break!) Of course, we’re talking robots.  And, while they aren’t new to plastic injection molding, they’re certainly getting more and more ink. For good reason. But first, a little robotic history… Cartesian or linear robots, sometimes…

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Taking Your Temperature(s): A Degree of Difference

Melt Temperature.  Of all the hundreds of processing variables to control in injection molding, the temperature of the plastic, especially its melt temperature, is paramount, no doubt.  After all, temperature control is critical, and you should duplicate the plastic melt temperature as much as possible, from one run to another. But molders forget about barrel…

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