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Year: 2020

Medical Device Prescription: Two-Shot Plastic Injection Molding Is Twice As Nice

Sometimes two-steps are better than one. Take medical device plastic injection molding, for example: sometimes you need both strength and ergonomics,  as you do with surgical instruments which might a need a super-hard plastic “business end,” and a more “soft touch” plastic handle for the surgeon’s sensitive hands. The answer for manufacturing such medical instruments…

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AdvanTech Plastics: Molding A Healthier Future In These Uncertain Times

Car manufacturers making ICU ventilators. E-commerce giants delivering testing kits. And plastic injection molding companies in Illinois and elsewhere making a variety of items to aid in the battle against COVID-19.  Wherever you look, American industry is rolling up its sleeves to do its part in fighting this pandemic. AdvanTech Plastics is part of that…

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Plastic Injection Molding: An Abridged History

PLASTIC INJECTION MOLDING INVENTED IN 19TH CENTURY? YEP! 1868, to be precise.  American inventor John W. Hyatt patented a process that produced a product he called “celluloid” (not what later would eventually become movie film) which he used as a replacement for ivory in billiard balls and piano keys, among other things. Although an Englishman…

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Plastic Injection Molding Companies Making COVID-19 Equipment

The entire industrial base of this country is stepping up to meet the corona virus pandemic: car companies are making medical ventilators, clothing manufacturers are turning out surgical masks, and multinational beer companies are brewing hand sanitizer. Now the plastic injection molding medical parts industry is stepping up, although a lot of the prototyping is…

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Plastic Injection Molded Surgical Devices Becoming The “Go-To”

Let’s cut to the chase: medical-quality polymers are increasingly becoming the “go-to” material for a broad range of surgical devices. In some cases, the innate mechanical attributes of medical-grade polymers completely supplant metal from the surgical device design.  In other applications, plastic and metal components are used together to create a device with the best…

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Bio-Plastics and Recycled Plastics Driving Major Machinery Purchases

While some in our industry decry growing consumer and business demand for recycled and bio-degradable plastics, there is at least one group of folks who are happy about it: plastic injection molding machinery manufacturers.  Could be because global market demand for plastics processing machinery is expected to reach $24.3 billion by 2025. Of course, the…

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