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Advantech Plastics is a Member of the Plastics Industry Association

November 6, 2017

Advantech Plastics, Inc. is member #3466573 of the PLASTICS Industry Association. . What does the PLASTICS Industry Association do? The
organization, in existence since 1937, provides advocacy endeavors that champion for the
support of the plastic supply chain. This backing centers around topics like international trade,
codes and standards, environment, health and safety, plastic bags, food, drug, and cosmetic
packaging materials, bioplastics, scorecards, watchdogging state and congressional data.

PLASTICS Hosts Event for Manufacturers in the Plastics Industry

Photo Of Pomona Calif.
Pomona, California

On November 7, PLASTICS will sponsor, organize, and present the Mike Koebel Western Moldmakers Trade Fair at the Sheraton Fairplex Hotel & Conference Center in Ponoma, California. The venue will take place from 4 to 8 pm. This meeting is named after the late Mike Koebel, who was a committed and dedicated leader on the Western Moldmakers Board. His
drive for success, and a belief in education accelerated the continued growth off his company, Prestige Mold, and the entire moldmaking industry.

Together, Mike and his wife, Donna founded Prestige Molding, Inc. in 1982. Donna continues to run their highly respected and
dynamic business today. According to the Plastics website, “The annual Trade Fair attracts attendees from the moldmaking and molding communities throughout the Western Region and beyond. It is an outstanding and economical opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their wares and services to eager attendees and potential customers. There are tabletop exhibitors as well as larger booths.

Attendees will enjoy Tabletop Exhibits, 10 x 10 Booths, a Buffet Dinner, and Raffle Prizes.” For
more information about how to participate, contact Jill Brandts, Director, Member Relations.
She may be reached either by telephone at 949.307.7838 or via email at .


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