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Best Business Practice: “It’s Nice to Meet You!”

April 4, 2017

Please don’t be offended by the recent addition of the CONTACT US page that you are redirected to when you click on the link of the Equipment tab of the Advantech Plastic Injection Molding website https:/:



If you are in the habit of  perusing the internet looking for information, have you noticed that  this activity is not limited to just looking for the newest and trendiest fine dining spot, shopping, and spying on “friends” on Facebook–gathering information from the internet has become a part of our corporate and small-business job descriptions.  You are the manager, the business owner, or the employee who is delegated the responsibility of finding the best equipment solution that fits the parameters of your plastic injection molding project, so this type of information-harvesting should be familiar to you.

With the increased amount of face to face business transactions moving to the impersonal communication style of internet, how does one keep the “personal” in the “impersonal?”  It’s a no-brainer for Al Zoller, owner of Advantech Plastics.  If you’re shopping for a plastic injection molding company which can most efficiently produce your part or product, he values your time by putting you first in line ahead of the information junkie who’s “just looking” and pushing ahead of a serious customer like you. After all, it’s only professional that the two of us — potential business partners — can be properly introduced.

The confidential “Contact Us” page takes a second to fill out.  Once you are in, our customer service representatives can chat with you, focusing in on your equipment needs, and provide specs faster than reading our catalogues.  We will never share or sell your information.  It’s confidential–just between us–a virtual, old-fashioned, gentleman’s handshake.

Of course, you can always pick up the phone, and give us a call, 815.338.8383.  Next best, send us an email with your specifications–  
Oh, and BTW, “It’s nice to meet you! Now, let’s talk business!”


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