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Firecrackers, Flags, Family and … Plastic Injection Molding??

June 29, 2017

Fourth of July Flay
Here in the “good ole USA,” once again, and for the three-hundred and seventeenth time, we approach celebrating the birth of our nation.  Most of us, especially in the small town of  this population 20,000, where this author lives, signs of the next American holiday appear:  every other house hosts red, white and blue bunting hanging on porch rails, flag poles mounted on eaves, firecrackers purchased from outer lying sparsely inhabited towns of declining population and wait in tops twisted brown paper bags, hidden in the upper shelves of parent’s bedroom clothes closets, awaiting the fourth of July celebration that will take place on the front or back lawn.

Firecrackers, and family share in common the technology of plastic injection molding.  Do a Google scholar search on the internet for plastic injection molding and firecrackers, and be AMAZED!!  An inventor, Norbert Reichart has a patent, number US 20120227610 for a firecracker casing utilizing plastic injection molding that can be fitted into a recycled wine bottle.  Why would you want to do this? Well, to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation, indoors–safely–and with a firecracker that can be lit, and transported from kitchen to table.  Look how far we have come since 1776.

Flag pole mounts are created equally.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  Using plastic injection molding designs, the final size can be offered to the homeowner who possesses a property ranging from a McMansion or a Tiny House.  Afterall, Americans love celebrating the fourth of July by showing off their homes all dressed in the colors red, white, and blue.

On the early summer’s eve of the fourth of July this year, as you drive home from the store, having done your wife’s bidding to go and pick up one more package of hamburger buns–look around in the twilight, the fireflies dancing in silhouette at your neighbors accoutrements of decorations.  Think to yourself that plastic injection molding technology is abundant in 2017–three hundred seventeen years after the year 1776 and the birth of our great nation.


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