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Husky: One of our partners

May 18, 2013

Founded in 1953, Husky started as a small machine shop in a Toronto garage. The company quickly specialized in mold-making and grew into a leader in producing innovative, high speed injection molding systems for thinwall containers.

Today Husky Injection Molding Systems is one of the world’s leading suppliers of injection molding equipment and services to the global plastics industry, including Advantech Plastics.  Husky designs and manufacture a broad range of injection molding machines, hot runners, robots, molds and integrated systems.

There are only two chief goals  of  any plastic injection molding machine: maximizing the output of molds and improving the operating costs.  Since their introduction, the Husky Hylectric System has undergone multiple iterations to achieve higher output, greater reliability, reduced maintenance and improved up-time. Today, it has become the platform upon which Husky based all of their other successful systems.

Available from  130 to 1,100 tons,  Hylectric machines are designed for maximum output and low operating costs.  They help make our customers more competitive by improving productivity and reducing operating costs through:

  • Performance
    • Cycle times that are 15–30% faster than competitor machines
    • Reflex platens for better tonnage utilization with wide tiebar spacing
    • High plasticizing rates for better process capability
  • Reliability
    • Improved mold protection using low force mold stroke cylinders
    • Reflex platens extend mold life by evenly distributing clamping forces
  • Quality
    • Polaris Control delivers tight process control for high shot-to-shot repeatability
    • Our unique clamp design means less flash and scrap

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