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Molding Today’s Students For Plastics

August 2, 2017

As summer ends and fall approaches, university students prepare to return to leaf-littered lawns. How many students are on track for a career in plastic injection molding? If you are an engineering major, an industrial designer, engineer, computer software programmers, and yes, even the student who wants to earn extra money selling Tupperware or Mary Kay, you all share something in common.

plastic injection molded cosmetic case
          The Beauty of Plastic!

In other words, while you think that plastic injection molding has nothing to do with you, think again, future college grad!

The plastic injection molding industry is built on collaborative relationships. Designers design. Engineers solve problems. In the ancient past, an Engineer waited half a year to see a tactile design come to fruition. In 2017, an engineer looks for a solution, the designer builds it on paper, hands it over, and voila, what used to take six months, now takes four weeks.

Where does that leave you, Mr/Ms. College Graduate? The field is wide open. Let’s say geek-dom is not your strong suit–you like to imitate grandma and throw Tupperware parties. Plastic injection molding techniques are the furthest thing from your mind. All you care about is having a pajama party with the Big/Little Sisters of your IIX sorority, and excuse to stock up on Christmas gifts to mom, auntie and older sister with a baby. Pack that leftover cheese dip in your new plastic ware, and unbeknownst to you, because of those brainiacs cranking out molds for plastic injection molding, you’ve made a whopping $225 for the night as a sales rep. If you are all about looks and care less for cooks, sell Mary Kay, or better yet, the competition. Those cute little designer face powder cases Anna Sui manufacturers sell for a discounted price of $44.

Wow. Forget selling for Mary Kay. Become your own licensing brand, hire your own plastic injection molding company, and market your ideas. Who needs a job when you can be an entrepreneur? Happy job hunting!


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