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Pumping It Out: AdvanTech Plastics’ Powerful Hand Sanitizer Pumps

February 26, 2021

They’re practically ubiquitous in “these uncertain times”. They’re in restaurants, shops, train stations and airports. They’re in offices, classrooms and, of course, bathrooms — public and private.  They’re even in purses and coat pockets.

Hand sanitizers, that is. Perhaps, along with nasal swabs, they’re iconic of the entire pandemic.  While many have electronic actuators, the majority are dispensed the old-school way: with hand-operated plastic injection molded pumps.  AdvanTech Plastics stocks a very popular pump model that’s on the frontlines of the pandemic every day:  a white 38/400, 8cc dosage, with a locking feature and 294mm long dip tube for one gallon jugs of sanitizer.

Plastic Injected Molded Pump
Hand sanitizer pumps, in their locked and unlocked positions.

Translated into layman’s terms, that means our pumps:

  • fit a standard 38/400 neck finish
  • dispense 8cc of sanitizer
  • are shipped in locked mode avoiding accidental dispensing
  • feature a consumer-friendly unlocking feature
  • are made of white polypropylene plastic

At AdvanTech Plastics, we’re proud to stock high-quality pumps that are helping win the battle against COVID-19.






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