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A Healthy Business: Plastic Injection Molded Medical Supplies

August 20, 2013

Producing plastic parts for the medical industry is an exacting task.  But it’s a business which gives our company tremendous satisfaction because we know the parts we supply are helping to improve or save lives.

While healthcare is  constantly changing, one fact remains constant:  plastic-injection molded medical parts will be an increasingly important aspect of the industry.  Drug companies and medical supply manufacturers, of both disposable and non-disposable items,  need qualified, competent medical parts producers with which to do business.  At Advantech,  we pride ourselves on the plastic injection molding work we do, and the companies we do it for.  The fact that much of our work comes from referrals speaks volumes about the quality of work we do in this arena.

Our customers also appreciate our consultative approach.  We have assisted a number of companies in this area as they have developed new and innovative parts and packaging for their products.

Among the parts we produce are:

  • Tracheotomy obturators: The obturator is used to insert a tracheotomy tube.  It fits inside the tube to provide a smooth surface that guides the tracheotomy tube when it is being inserted.
  • Medical Trays:  A catch-all phrase that encompasses a tray which can hold surgical instruments during medical procedures or equipment in a lab.
  • Tissue diagnostic devices:  These are plastic injection-molded devices which are designed and manufactured for the purpose of revealing pathologies in living human tissue.
  • Dental sensors & devices:  Digital X-ray sensors help dental professionals image a patient’s mouth and jaws.
  • Pharmaceutical packaging:  From drug vials to caps and other enclosures,  plastic injection molded pharmaceutical packaging is a growing and vibrant business.
  • Specimen containers:  Medical testing continues to grow and, as it does,  plastic injection molded containers will be needed for the collection and transport of specimen samples.

We urge pharmaceutical and medical supply companies to contact us for all their plastic injection molding needs.




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