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Plastic Injection Molding… or Moulding?

August 28, 2013

Do a quick Google search of  “plastic injection molding“.  Then do another for  “plastic injection moulding” and you will come up with two very different results.  “Moulding” is the European/world spelling of molding and thus generates more YouTube video results and links to off-shore plastic injection molding facilities,  primarily in China and Asia.

What’s the point,  you ask?  After all, everybody knows you have to go overseas to get anything of quality made anymore.

Simply put,  it’s about convenience and quality.  You can have both in our American company, located in Woodstock, Illinois.  Contract with an Asian company and you may have quality but you’ll almost certainly be challenged on convenience.

There’s the time-difference, of course.  Then the language barrier.  Then the cultural differences.  Then the travel costs. Then the … well, you get the idea.  This loss of convenience has a real monetary value — one you should factor in when making your decision to source domestically, or go overseas.

At Advantech Plastics, our business quality control model has earned certification to the ISO 9001:2008 standard. This internationally recognized quality metric emphasizes the identification and management of critical organizational processes.  ISO 9001:2008 mandates specific requirements for a quality management system and focuses on the efficacy of the quality management system  in meeting customer needs.

Through our dedication to continuous improvement of quality systems and processes, our customers can be assured of the highest quality products now, and into the future.

We take a simple — yet profound — approach to quality:

  1. Quality is defined by you — the customer. We make sure we understand how you envision quality; then we manufacture the product to exceed that definition.
  2. We maintain quality through measured and disciplined manufacturing systems.
  3. We are dedicated to constantly improve the quality control system.

Want to know more?  Contact us,  and ask how conveniently we can make your quality dreams come true!




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