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One Referral Can Be VERY Healthy For A Plastic Injection Molding Company!

March 30, 2021

They say the best advertising is a happy, satisfied customer.  At AdvanTech Plastics, we know that’s true:  In 2007, one of our customers recommended us to a pharmaceutical company looking for an injection molder to make its 40 mm closure for a nutritional supplement drink. That simple referral would have a profound impact on our business and lead to the addition of a large-scale molding operation known as the “Center of Excellence” (COE) in 2012.

The COE was purpose-built for this customer for high cavitation molding of caps and closures and boasts three rail spurs and six resin silos. The rail service allows Advantech to purchase resin in bulk rail instead of bulk over-the-road truck or gaylords. This results in significant savings in resin costs, which we pass on to our customers.

But that’s not all: AdvanTech invested in state-of-the-art 300-ton Husky molding machines, running 48 cavity molds. In 2013 Advantech produced about 500 million closures, and in 2020 that number grew to 600 million. The COE runs five to six 48 cavity molds 24/7.

Plastic Injection Molding Equipment
Micro-Vu Excel 702
All of that innovation took AdvanTech Plastics to the next level in medical device plastic injection molding. Performing dimensional measurements can be time-consuming when collecting data using digital indicator gauges for two- and 24-hour critical dimension checks. The manual measurements and data entry process was taking nearly 30 working hours each month. Advantech knew if they automated the process, they could save valuable time.
In 2020 AdvanTech installed the Micro-Vu Excel 502, a vision and tactile gauging system specifically for the 40mm closure. The system provides high-speed, high-accuracy measurements and eliminates operator gauging errors. Measurements were reduced to 1.5 hours per 48 cavity mold and 30 minutes for data entry.
But efforts to improve process and/or quality are never-ending.  That’s why in 2021, AdvanTech upgraded to a Micro-Vu Excel 702, which features advanced measuring capabilities, faster processing, and increased memory. The system also performs monthly full-dimensional layouts and full-dimensional layouts when molds are placed back into production after preventative maintenance has been performed.
Advantech has implemented the practices necessary to achieve globally competitive pricing with cost-effective manufacturing and a constant eye toward productivity gains. Its high cavitation molds, ability to run 24/7 and high capacity material handling capabilities allow it to pass material and time savings on to its customers.

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