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Trust: The Most Important Part of Plastic Injection Molding

April 22, 2021

Trust. One little word with tremendous meaning.

At AdvanTech Plastics, we feel trust is the most important part of plastic injection molding. Our customers trust us to solve their plastic injection molding challenges. 

True story:

A neurology plastic medical device company needed to manufacture a multi-component nasal syringe that could deliver medicine to the uppermost parts of the nasal pathway. They hired another plastic injection molding company to make it. However, it wasn’t long before the medical device company lost trust in their vendor due to a variety of issues. And — just like that — the trust evaporated.

Plastic injection molded Nasal Syringe
Nasal Syringe

So, when they turned to AdvanTech to manufacture the syringe, we knew we needed to do more than simply consistently meet their specifications. We need to go beyond their expectations in order to earn their trust.

So that’s exactly what we did.

Eight of the nine syringe components are injection molded and required several molds. When the molds were transferred to us from the other plastic molding company, we saw immediately we had to completely rebuild two of their molds, and refurbish five. 

The ninth component of the plastic injection molded nasal syringe is a ready-made polypropylene tube that is over-molded into a hub on one end.  Then a bulb with a 0.010” diameter hole is insert-molded onto the other end of the tube.  The other plastic injection molding company had always drilled the bulb’s hole. The drilling process was hit-or-miss, leading to a high scrap rate.  Our engineers amazed the customer when they designed and patented a new process to mold, not drill the bulb so it had the 0.010” hole molded into it. We saved that plastic medical device company time and, what’s more, radically reduced their scrap rate! 

At this point, we went beyond their expectations even more.

Because the right and left introducers of the plastic nasal syringe are ultrasonically welded together, we were able to print directly on the device. This saved our customer even more time. so they were able to get their products to market faster. 

The nasal syringe is currently utilized in the United States and Europe, and is the only device of its kind.  Thanks to our help, the plastic medical device manufacturer can now produce their nasal syringe faster, with less scrap. We saved them both time and money.

But there’s one more thing we built with our client that we’re even more proud of.




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