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How To Make Prototypes That Are Just Your Type!

Even if 3D printing eventually usurps plastic injection molding — and that’s a BIG if — prototypes will continue to play an indispensable role in the production of plastic parts. Why?  Simply put, prototypes are crucial to several steps which precede the actual production of parts. These include communications, engineering studies, market studies (to evaluate…

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Additive Manufacturing is Taking Over Plastic Injection Molding

Just when you thought it was safe to use the term “3D printing”, along comes “additive manufacturing”, which seems to be the current buzzword of choice among academic researchers around the world, including the UK. But really, we’re talking about the same technology, which heretofore has mostly been applied to building prototypes and turning out…

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New Dimension in Plastic Medical Parts Production

A new dimension is coming to medical device manufacturing — a third dimension, if you will.  It’s the marriage of 3D printing and plastic injection-molded medical devices, and it’s revolutionizing the entire med-tech industry. The reason is simple: production time. Now engineers can design a medical part in an application like SolidWorks one day, 3D print…

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Strong Sales Seen For Rigid Plastic

You’ve probably seen them dozens, if not hundreds of times,  in your refrigerator or elsewhere around the house:  those stiff, usually dark-colored plastic trays and bulk packaging containers, holding food or beverages, toys or other consumer goods. These items are made of the aptly-named Rigid Plastic, usually high-density polyethylene, which has become one of the…

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3D Printers No Threat To High-Volume Plastic Injection Molding

The hype over 3D printers has been as relentless as it has been ubiquitous: you can’t turn on a TV, radio or computer without hearing yet another breathless story on the new manufacturing technology. But is it unwarranted?  Will 3D printing be the next Internet, the uber-technology that will take over the world, flattening entire…

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