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Plastic Medical Devices: Thermoplastics vs. Thermoset

Spoiler alert: when comparing polymer plastics suitable for plastic medical devices, thermoplastics are the Mayo Clinic, if you will, while thermosets are a very competent regional health center. In other words, thermosets aren’t nearly as ubiquitous as thermoplastics but they do have a place in the universe of plastic medical devices. For example, thermosetting plastics like silicone,…

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Announcing AdvanTech’s E-Mac 465/175 All-Electric Molding Machine

AdvanTech Plastics has taken a huge step toward a green new future with the purchase and installation of the E-Mac 465/175  all-electric plastic injection molding machine. Made in Europe, the E-Mac 465/175   is a 175-ton manufacturing marvel, which puts it precisely in the middle of Engel’s E-Mac series in terms of size.  Engels machines are…

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The Application of Thermoplastic Resin in Dentistry

Thermoplastic resins are materials that convert to a liquid state when exposed to high temperatures. As the temperature is reduced the plastic cools and hardens. The properties of thermoplastic resins allow the material to be molded into various structures and shapes. Thermoplastic resin offers excellent performance as an injection molded plastic and is used throughout…

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Plastic Has The “Mettle” For Medical Devices

Glass. Rubber. Metal. For hundreds of years, these materials were the only options open for medical device manufacturers.  Look at an old medical supply catalog and you’ll see glass IV bottles, rubber tubing, metal surgical instruments, metal carts, etc. That all began to change in 1940s when the first plastics entered the scene. Slowly, then…

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Bio-Assimilation: The ‘Holy Grail’ That Could Save The Planet

Let’s face it: plastic pollution — in the form of litter on land and in the sea or other marine environments — is a serious problem. And while recycling has been part of the solution, it’s complex, time-consuming and, most importantly, costly. Recent estimates show that perhaps only about 10% of plastic is actually recycled….

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Bio-Assimilation: One More Step Toward Greener Plastics

Are “green” plastics about to get greener? The short-answer is “yes,” but not through recycling alone. (More on that later.) Plastic injection molding companies in Illinois and elsewhere are experimenting with “bio-assimilation,” a process by which plastics which are not recycled can safely breakdown and disappear over a period of 6-42 months in landfills, compost…

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Silicone: Is It Right For Plastic Injection Molding Medical Devices?

Let’s cut to the chase: yes. In fact, silicone may even be ideal.  Blasephemy, right? Not really. Because, like carbon-based polymers, silicones, which have a backbone of silicon, offer temperature resistance, flexibility, clarity, malleability and water resistance.  And also just like plastics, they can be formed, shaped, then softened or hardened into practically anything — but…

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